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GoodWe Lynx C – LX C156-10
GoodWe Lynx C – LX C156-10

GoodWe Lynx C – LX C156-10

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The GoodWe commercial storage Lynx C – LX C156-10 The GoodWe Lynx C series commercial... more
Battery type: High voltage LFP
Net capacity: 156,67 kWh
Schutzklasse: IP20
Warranty: 5 years
Commercial storage type: Peak Shaving, Self-consumption, Time of use, Emergency power capable

The GoodWe commercial storage Lynx C – LX C156-10

The GoodWe Lynx C series commercial storage (101-156 kWh) can be used to implement commercial and industrial projects. The high voltage battery is compatible with the 50 kW hybrid inverter of the ETC series and the 50 kW battery inverter of the BTC series. Thus, new and existing PV systems can be upgraded with the commercial storage system. Self-consumption optimization, peak load capping, emergency power supply and Time of Use function are included.

Product advantages

  • Compact design for indoor use
  • Peak shaving with ETC/BTC
  • Emergency power supply with ETC/BTC
  • Parallel connection of up to 3 Lynx C system cabinets
  • Integration into the SEMS portal

Product features LX C156-10

  • Usable battery capacity: 156.67 kWh
  • Rated voltage: 652.8 V
  • Rated power: 65.28 kW
  • Rated charge/discharge current: 100 A
  • Communication: CAN, RS485
  • Temperature range: Discharge: -20°C – 50 °C
  • Temperature range: charging: 0°C – 45°C
  • For the time being no battery module upgrade possible
  • Dimensions: 2065 x 1155 x 730 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight of one battery module: 85 kg
  • Total weight: 1650 kg
  • Protection category: IP 21
  • Warranty: 5 years

Scope of delivery

  • GoodWe Lynx C – LX C156-10 system rack incl. PCU and accessories
  • GoodWe Lynx C – 17x battery modules at 9.21 kWh

Compatible with

  • GoodWe ETC hybrid inverter 50 kW
  • GoodWe BTC battery inverter 50 kW