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ADS-TEC Energy StoraXe SRS2543
ADS-TEC Energy StoraXe SRS2543
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ADS-TEC Energy StoraXe SRS2543

  • ADS-TEC Energy
  • DVK-SRS2543 010-AA
  • 8349
  • DE88136943

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ADS-TEC Energy StoraXe SRS2543 – Commercial storage with 25 kVA and 37.2 kWh usable... more
Battery type: High voltage NMC
Net capacity: 37,2 kWh
AC power: 25 kW
Schutzklasse: IP20
Warranty: bis zu 10 years
Commercial storage type: Peak Shaving, Self-consumption, Emergency power capable

ADS-TEC Energy StoraXe SRS2543 – Commercial storage with 25 kVA and 37.2 kWh usable capacity soon available from us

The StoraXe SRS2543 is available at Memodo starting June 2023.

All technical data are preliminary and could still be slightly adjusted.

ADS-TEC Energy has been developing its high quality products in Germany for over 10 years. The commercial storage can be used for your operation e.g. in the load peak capping or in the self-consumption optimization. It can also be used for projects, e.g. in the charging infrastructure, or as a building block for a neighborhood solution and more. The indoor storage is expandable in each case in the same capacity and power. Up to 5 systems can be cascaded. Therefore, even larger application areas are no problem for the SRS2543.

Product advantages

  • German manufacturer
  • Capable of backup power using storage
  • Expandable in 25kW/37.2 kWh (usable) increments
  • Sophisticated safety system

Product features ADS-TEC Energy StoraXe SRS2543

  • Power 25 kVA
  • Capacity: 42.9 kWh (usable: 37.2 kWh)
  • Protection category IP20 (indoor)
  • Operating temperature range 10° C – 25° C
  • Mains connection 400 V AC, 3-phase, 50 Hz (TN and TT systems)
  • Dimensions approx. 600 x 1600 x 800 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight about 350 kg
  • Energy management interface: Modbus TCP
  • Energy management compatibility: Smart1
  • Up to 10 years warranty in conjunction with BatX