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Fronius Tauro ECO 50-3-D
Fronius Tauro ECO 50-3-D

Fronius Tauro ECO 50-3-D

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  • Tauro ECO 50-3-D
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Fronius Tauro ECO 50-3-D with 50 kW – Direct variant   As of January 1, 2023,... more
Phases: 3
MPP-Tracker: 1
AC power: 50 kW
MPP voltage range: 580 - 930 Volt
Warranty: 2 years
Communication: Ethernet, WLAN, RS485, Modbus

Fronius Tauro ECO 50-3-D with 50 kW – Direct variant


As of January 1, 2023, purchasing warranty extensions can only be done via the Fronius SolarWeb web shop.

Fronius is launching the Tauro three-phase commercial inverter. The inverter is available in two system designs. On the one hand, there is the Direct variant, in which the Tauro can be placed decentrally directly at the respective module field. The system design is characterized by short DC cable lengths and longer AC cables. If the Tauro is installed centrally with a short distance to the main AC distribution board, the Precombined variant is to be used. The central plant system is characterized by a longer DC bus line. Both variations are ideally suited for rooftop and ground-mounted systems. They are available with 50 or 100 kW. The Tauro can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. In addition, with the help of the cooling technology and double-walled front cover, maximum output can be achieved even in full sunlight. 

Product advantages  

  • For decentralized system design
  • DC direct connection via Stäubli Multi Contact MC4 with 22 strings
  • No DC string collector boxes necessary
  • Indoor and outdoor mounting
  • Continues to achieve maximum power even under maximum direct solar exposure
  • Integration into the Fronius Solar.Web
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Wall mounting bracket included, floor racks for horizontal installation optional

Product features Fronius Tauro ECO 50-3-D 

  • Mains connection: 3-phase
  • AC output: 50.0 kVA
  • MPP tracker: 1 with 14 string connections
  • Maximum short circuit current inverter: 178 A
  • Communication: integrated data logger and web server
  • Interfaces: 2 x Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 2 x RS485, 6 x dig. IN/OUT, 6 x dig. IN (RCR), USB
  • DC and AC overvoltage protection: type 1 + 2 integrated
  • 20 A string fuse integrated
  • AC connection technology: Multicore (multi-core cable)
  • Active cooling and double-walled front cover
  • Dimensions: 755 x 1109 x 346 mm (H x W x D) (without wall mount)
  • Weight: 74.0 kg
  • Protection class: IP 65
  • Warranty: 2 years (extension to 5 years with online registration)