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K2 Buddy Set
K2 Buddy Set
K2 Buddy Set
K2 Buddy Set
K2 Buddy Set
K2 Buddy Set

K2 Buddy Set

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Live tracking of snow loads with the K2 Buddy The K2 Buddy is a weighing device that... more

Live tracking of snow loads with the K2 Buddy

The K2 Buddy is a weighing device that continuously measures the snow load on modules and transmits the data in real time to the end devices of the system owners or installers via the K2 Buddy app. You can find the link to the app in the technical tips section below.

More documents will be available soon!

Advantages of using K2 Buddy:

  • Live monitoring of snow loads on modules via K2-Buddy-App
  • Warning in case of imminent module overload
  • This enables optimum maintenance intervals and servicing
  • Remove snow only as required
  • Extension of the warranty on the mounting system from 12 to 20 years (when registered in the K2 Docu App)

K2 Buddy is suitable for: 

  • K2 Systems Dome flat roof systems (D-Dome, S-Dome or Zero Dome)
  • Module with module frame 35mm

Components of K2 Buddy:

  • TopBox Set Snow 
  • BaseBox Set
  • BasicRail mounting rail set
  • Dome accessory set

Details on components:

The K2 Buddy – TopBox Set Snow contains two snow sensor units that precisely measure the snow load on a PV module. These sensors are installed with the Dome 6 system using components from the Dome accessory set and are permanently connected to the TopBox (plastic housing with encapsulated circuit board) by cable. The snow sensors are positioned on the left and right below the bottom corners of a PV module. The TopBox evaluates the measured values and transmits them by cable to the K2 Buddy - BaseBox in the building services. The power supply (24 V) is also provided via the same cable.

The K2 Buddy – BaseBox Set consists of a top-hat rail housing with integrated circuit board and a top-hat rail power supply unit. It is mounted in a weather-protected location in the building services connection room. The BaseBox monitors the measurement data of the TopBox on the roof at regular intervals (every 10 minutes) and transmits it to the cloud via the house's internet connection. It also monitors the power supply to the TopBox and switches it off in the event of a fault to ensure smooth operation.

The mounting rail set for the assembly of the K2 Buddy contains two BasicRail rails with a length of 1.30 m and two square profiles, also 1.30 m long. The two additional BasicRail mounting rails are necessary for mounting the K2 Buddy. The square profiles are designed to stabilize and reinforce the frame construction.

The Dome accessory set offers all the necessary accessories and small parts to safely install the TopBox Set Snow in the K2 Dome flat roof systems. Among other things, it includes an aluminum plate that supports the snow sensor units and securely connects the BasicRails. In addition, it contains specific module stops for precise measurement data acquisition as well as lift-off protection and cable managers to ensure safe installation.


About K2 Systems:

The German manufacturer K2 develops innovative mounting system solutions for PV systems. With more than 15 years of experience in the market and 8 different locations, the Swabian manufacturer has developed into a rooftop specialist and holds a large share of the market. Thanks to in-house development, the systems can be flexibly adapted and optimized to the market in specific countries.

You can find the K2 Buddy app here: App Store Google Play   more

You can find the K2 Buddy app here: