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Sunways Hybrid STH-10KTL-HT
Sunways Hybrid STH-10KTL-HT
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Sunways Hybrid STH-10KTL-HT

  • Sunways
  • STH-10KTL-HT
  • STH-10KTL-HT
  • 7976
  • 12 per pallet

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Sunways 3-phase hybrid inverter 10kW with backup power function   This hybrid inverter... more
Phases: 3
MPP-Tracker: 2
AC power: 10 kW
MPP voltage range: 200-850 Volt
Warranty: 5 years

Sunways 3-phase hybrid inverter 10kW with backup power function


This hybrid inverter has a three-phase Back-Up output that can be overloaded up to twice for 60 s. In normal operation, it has 110% asymmetry and the Back-Up output can be overloaded up to 125%. It is compatible with the Pylontech Force H2 high voltage battery and Dyness Tower baterry pack series. A three-phase Smartmeter with measuring coils and a Wifi device to connect to the monitoring portal are included. For more demanding projects, up to 10 units can be connected in parallel to each other, even on the Back-Up output. 

Product advantages

  • OLED Display for basic information and system settings
  • High efficiency 98.2%
  • 110% asymetrie
  • 125% phase overload on Back-Up Output
  • Short-term (60 s) double overload of Back-Up Output
  • Switch to Back-Up mode within 10 ms

Product Features

  • Rated On-Grid Power 10.0 kVA
  • Rated power Back-Up 10 kVA
  • 2 MPP trackers 200-850 V
  • 1 input on MC4 on MPPT
  • Connection to high voltage battery
  • Wifi device
  • Smartmetr and CT (90 A)
  • Push-in terminals for communication interfaces simplify installation
  • Web server
  • Dimensions: 410x550x175 mm (HxWxD)
  • Protection class IP65
  • Weight: 28 kg

Battery compatibility

  • Pylontech Force H1
  • Pylontech Force H2 - up to 5 pcs in one tower
  • Dyness Tower series